Environics, SAE

Environics is a leading environmental, energy, social, and development consultancy in Egypt.

We were asked to re-innovate the old website, where we design and develop a dynamic website with a content management system (CMS), also create custom relations between different datatypes. It was exciting for us to be part of their journey towards a better environment.

Homepage design of environics website

Environics is actively helping other businesses improve their environmental footprint since 1999, they had over 700 projects to showcase and that was a challenge to sort and display with proper user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), they also had a specific request to relate each project to one or more services, which was utilized in any given project, Additionally filter by the business sector.

Our solution was simple yet effective where the user can select a service AND a sector, then the results are automatically updated accordingly to match the user selection, where we then query the database to show projects that are related to the selected server and sector with consideration to performance through smart and optimized programming. We also allowed loading more projects smoothly using the AJAX load technique.

Data interaction and UI/UX of environics projects