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Migration of PHP Application from Traditional hosting to AWS.

One of my client Chile hosted its php application on traditional hosted server he want to migrate his application from existing server to AWS , He has whole updated server image copy where was application hosted so he told me that migrate this server image copy to AWS so I did convert is server image from vmdk to ovf and push to AWS using ec2 api command line tools but I found some compatibility issue of with AWS for his server image copy when I was going to launch instance from his imported server image copy on AWS , so I did ask my client this way was not possible and tell him to provide his current application files and updated db files as well need to provide full environment details like its which php versions in use, php.ini settings, dependencies was using by application in current set.

He did provide me all details then I did start build up php and web server environment from scratch ec2 instance, also for db me and my client was agree to use Amazon RDS service.

I did migrate all application files as well as db files in zip format from his existing server to Amazon ec2 using S SH tunnel over port 22 then unzip files on ec2 instance and move into right place , I did upload his up to date db during night period to Amazon RDS instance from ec2 instance via mysql cli (Application running on mysql db ).

Also I did put ec2 instance behind ELB and upload ssl on elb level ,Also if we using elb then Amazon Certificate Manger service provide free SSL which only can usable for ELB and cloudfront , so we not need to migrate our existing SSL to AWS then I did test application test with my client after db completely uploaded and it was look okay so we decide to switch the DNS value from current to new one so we did remove A recored where his current server ip map and create CNAME record and put elb endpoint value there ,after that application work properly

Finally, Application was stopped for about 30 min during migration process and it was night time in Chile.

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