Rebranding 3OUD Plant House

We were asked to rebrand a plant house business in our local community in Cairo, Egypt. The rebranding was to reflect their new phase of growth and experience. The brand name is (Oud) “عود” in Arabic. It means a plant’s stem, a generic brand name and connects with our local culture, which was enough to get us excited and accept the job.
The challenge was to add the character “3”, which represents the Arabic Character “ع” in Franco-Arabic texting. It is the first letter in the Arabic text of the brand. It looks like a “3” but a bit fancy and horizontally flipped.
So, we came up with a brand mark that mixes the characters “3” + “ع” + stem (the meaning of the brand) + representation of the business (Plant house).
And the result was:


While working on the brand mark, typography was in mind. We wanted a font that would represent luxury, classic, and elegance. All while maintaining a fresh and dynamic impression. We carefully researched through 200+ relevant fonts and saw that the font “IvyPresto Display” by “Jan Maack” represents our approach perfectly.
With some playing around with proportions and characters details, we came up with:

Brand Colors

The colors of the brand needed to communicate the same values similar to the logo and typography, we also wanted the colors to be vibrant but not too funky to maintain an elegant impression.

We tried many combinations and we came up with the color set:

Cadmium Green (Primary Color): Vibrant shade of dark green that represents a plant’s good health.

Olive Green (Secondary Color): It complements the primary color with contrast and gives a unique feeling of elegance.
Forest Green (Third): Fresh and provides more depth to the brand.